The smart lock you can use anywhere.

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The smart lock you can use anywhere.

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OneKEY Padlock

The smart padlock that ensures fast, easy access.

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Extends the application of OneKEY to easily identify access, zone permissions and audit activity.


Simple installation and portability make it easy to use.


A quick, seamless experience to access anything at any time - with just one key.



You have complete access control.


Assign permissions to specific users, roles, or zones and track all key activity in one place.

Key check-in and check out with adjustable time out and remote key de-authorization for greater security.

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LIVE Access Software

OneKEY provides visibility to all key interactions.

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Data is the key.
The key is data.

Control & manage access

Cloud-based, single-sign dashboard lets you control access for HQ or individual locations.

Visibility & control

Each OneKEY interaction instantly transfers to Access Manager providing you visibility to employee interactions.

Receive reports

View which locks are being accessed, and by whom, for incident investigation and regulatory compliance.

Review all activity

See and view both authorized and unauthorized activity, as it occurs.

Know when locks are left unlocked.


More of what our customers have to say:


Eliminating the complexity and cost of mechanical locks & keys

“Before installing the OneKEY Padlock, we would have to replace 50 Padlocks a year due to lost keys or combinations. Since installing the InVue Padlock, we have not had to replace any due to its compatibility with the OneKEY. We also have had no theft from our cages with InVue Padlocks since we installed them over one year ago.”

— Senior Manager, Store Design


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