Data Center Security


RAC Lock delivers industry-leading physical security and access control technology for tamper and breach detection.



Quick deployment without the need for power or network connection.


Add locks to new or existing cabinets, when and wherever needed.


Dual-locking confirmation, tracked key activity and audit of interactions that deter and detect malicious behavior.


Installs into new or existing cabinets.

Integrated door and latch sensors offer dual-locking confirmation.

OneKEY operates lock through power transfer.


Controlled Access


OneKEY, combined with Access Manager, allows you to assign access by role, zone or individual racks and track all key activity in one place. Maintain audit trails of who is accessing which cabinet, where, and when for incident investigation and regulatory compliance.


OneKEY collects the data that allows Access Manager to share who accessed a position and when.


OneKEY collects personnel activity data


The OneKEY Manager is connected to the network


Activity data is sent to Access Manager cloud storage


Data accessed anywhere —
site or corporate


Personnel access can be set at different levels.


Data Center Site

Zone Access

Individual Cabinet


Real-Time Visibility

See and view both authorized and unauthorized activity as it occurs. Leverage daily and monthly reporting metrics.


Server rack doors left open

Authorized/Unauthorized access attempts


Number of active keys checked out

Time-based server rack activity


Looking for a custom solution?

InVue solutions prevent unauthorized interaction or tampering with sensitive data center hardware throughout the entire lifecycle.


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