Data Center Physical Security

Visibility and controlled access to your racks and media.

InVue solutions prevent unauthorized interaction or tampering with sensitive data center hardware throughout the entire lifecycle.


Real-time visibility.

Get notified of both authorized and unauthorized activity as it occurs. Leverage daily and monthly reporting metrics.

Actionable insights to ensure data security.

Server rack doors left open

Authorized/Unauthorized access attempts

Number of active keys checked out

Time-based server rack activity

Access ManagerTM data can also be downloaded in bulk to be used with your own BI tool.

Controlled Access

Give the right people access. Manage access to the entire data center, specific areas or particular server racks.

Full Access

Zoned Access

Rack-Only Access

The most secure, yet easiest to use access control system available.

Manage access to the entire data center, specific areas or particular server racks.

With over 45 years of innovation in retail security, we have extensive experience in helping to prevent insider theft. Our suite of solutions, including RAC Locks and Access Manager software, protects your environment from every level of threat, including those already within the four walls of your data center.


Estimated percent of cyber attacks that are committed by insiders


Average cost of cybercrime in 2018

How InVue can help you.

InVue’s portfolio of solutions enable you to control access to server racks and cabinets, quickly gather insights to tamper detection, and secure the process of media transportation and destruction.

What secure solutions are you looking for? Complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs.


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