Interactive digital content management and analytics


A content management software that provides retailers the ability to manage digital interactive content changes in real-time.

  • Cloud based content management and distribution

  • Empowers and improves customer experience with increased engagement

  • Ability to make real time content changes to as many devices as desired

  • Analytics dashboard provides real time engagement and store performance

  • Can integrate into any retail ERP system

InVue MicroSigns Software

“We have observed our initial roll out  with MicroSigns for 3 months and found 30% same store sales increase, 15% margin increase and realized we had sold 3000 new plans in 3 months. MicroSigns was at the heart of our strategy. It is the feature our customers most liked.”

Jolene  Sicklemore, Head of Retail H3G UK

MicroSigns has proven delivered value

Customer engagement time reduced
Increased conversion rate
Additional time spent in store
Increased conversion rate

MicroSigns offers visibility to in-store operational insights

Pricing/Content Management

Who isn’t maintaining compliance?

Improve compliance to ever changing promotions

  • Signage becomes digitized and displayed on products

  • Pricing, promotions and plans become 100% compliant

  • Pricing and plans controlled at the corporate level

Customer Experience

Measure customer interaction

Customers have flexibility pricing content

  • Interact and self select content to help buying decision

  • Gain ability to browse products and pricing plans

  • Reduce the path to purchase timing

Reduction of non-selling tasks

Associates gain facetime

Reduction of promotion replacement and price checks

  • Spend more time selling product

  • Transaction time reduces with self service pricing and plan information

Increase Conversions

Where is the main interaction?

Eliminate the engagement mystery

  • Proven purchase conversion events

  • Associates are able to focus on upselling activity

  • Understand customer journey audiences to improve sales approach and training


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