LIVE Access
Increase sales by confidently giving every associate a key.


LIVE Access data tells you who did what, where and when.


LIVE Access software provides visibility into associates’ interactions with locked, displayed and sell-through merchandise protected by OneKEY. The cloud-based system logs OneKEY interactions, making it easy to view individual associate activity anytime and from anywhere. Through permissions and real-time usage statistics, LIVE Access gives retailers the confidence to give every associate a key and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.



Actionable insights to create a frictionless customer experience.

LIVE Access defines and captures OneKEY interactions, enabling retailers to track associate activity and harness powerful analytics to decrease internal theft and improve profits.


Audit & Zoning

Define associate access across all stores, or a single location, specific department, or product.

Enterprise System

Access data anywhere, anytime at store or HQ level to easily evaluate associate, department and product activity.

Essential Analytics

Effectively track and act on key performance indicators such as unauthorized attempts, most active associates and merchandise demand.


LIVE Access is proven to decrease unauthorized activity by internal threats.



  • View device and OneKEY activity within a store(s)
  • No annual software license fee


  • Robust software that ties individual user identification to an activity within the store(s)
  • Provides greater visibility and access control to the sales floor
  • Quickly add users and modify permissions using the roles feature
  • Create and control areas of permission within a store or individual department using the zoning feature

LIVE Access gives you visibility into these retail areas:

  • Employee accountability
  • Store accountability
  • Merchandising and product placement
  • Managing seasonal hires
  • Associate productivity
  • Customer wait times
  • Store activity
  • Seasonal and promotions impacts
  • Sales insights
  • Theft (internal and external)
  • Connect sales and inventory with direct activity

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