Reliable security for merchandise in drawers.

Fits a variety of furniture styles, high aesthetic and streamlined design.


Self-latching so you know when a cabinet or drawer is closed, it’s also locked.

  • Seamless integration into new or existing furniture
  • InVue OneKEY opens the lock, and no key is needed to re-lock – simply close the drawer and the merchandise is locked safe
  • Fully protected latch is pick resistant

Cam Lock
Designed for swing out doors and pull out drawers.

  • Can be mounted on wood, glass, metal, and acrylic
  • Empowers store associates to quickly access merchandise
  • Anti-back drive cam arm prevents theft

Drawer Lock
Designed for pull out drawers.

  • Can be used for single or double thick drawer panels
  • Designed for pull out drawers with 19mm hole
  • Simple installation with common tools

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