Optical & Eyewear Retail

Enhance store experiences from try on to check out.

InVue’s solutions engage customers with a personalized experience at every touchpoint.


Any device. Any payment. Anywhere.

NE360C mPOS Center

Easy to use and service customers with flexible design and full mobility — resulting in faster transaction times.

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NE360H & NE360T

Mix and match any handheld, tablet, payment device, or operating system using InVue’s mPOS cases with integrated charging and communications capabilities.

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Portable all-in-one kiosk and tablet solution with flexible charging options, rapid mobility and lock-down support.

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Rugged all-metal, universal tablet stand delivers power, security and mobility - ideal for high-speed, high-traffic environments.

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“CT101 was great for us due to its ease of use.”




Locked Merchandise in Cabinets & Display Cases


InVue's smart locks strengthen protection and track access to merchandise kept in cabinets and drawers.


Self-locking protection designed to work with any glass swing-out door cabinet. L440 incorporates a self-locking feature that ensures the cabinet is locked when closed.

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Worry-free, self-latching protection for locked cabinet merchandise that can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing furniture.

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The single key solution that decreases theft, and 
improves customer service and sales.


Improve Customer Service

Empower employees to better serve customers with single key access, reducing wait times in receiving merchandise.

Industry-Leading Security

Assign a unique code per store, 12-hour time-out feature for greater protection, and the ability to create zones and audit employee use.

In-Store Visibility & Analytics

Monitor, understand and manage associate interactions through retail analytics. Know who did what, where and when.




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