Security solutions for wearables.

Superior protection, a clean and consistent design, and charging capability.

Consistent Display Aesthetic

Sleek modern aesthetics complement any wearable device

Reliable Alarm & Charging

OEM or Apple charging options to keep wearables powered and always ready for customer interaction

Ease of Operation

Easy to install universal flex sensor minimizes false alarms and improves operational efficiency


All-in-one solution for wearables

  • Most comprehensive solution to power and alarm wearables
  • Includes integrated alarm stand with recoiler, prevents the need for a separate alarm unit
  • Optional built in Apple charger cradle can natively charge Apple watches
Wearable display


Clean, consistent display for wearables

  • 2 display options:  Hidden cord or Exposed cord
  • Perfect placement magnets and anti-slip pad to ensure consistent and clean display
  • Utilizes universal flex sensor for improved operational efficiency and easy installation
  • Compatible with Zips for full alarm option
WS2 wearable display

OnePOD Wearable

OnePOD platform for wearables

  • Open hoop design with recoiler provides optimal customer try-on experience
  • Utilizes the OnePOD stand and sensors for consistent visual merchandising
  • Works only with Apple and Samsung Galaxy Watches
OnePOD Wearable

HS Smart Watch

Extreme high theft protection

  • Provides robust security for watch body and band making it ideal for high theft environments
  • Allows customer to try the watch without assistance from store staff
  • Adjustable brackets secure most watches

J704 Alarming Showcase

Display up to six wearables in a completely above counter fixture

  • With the assistance of store staff, customers can try a wearable as they would jewelry or a conventional watch
  • Also ideal for small handheld electronics such as GoPros and camera lenses
  • No clamps, cables or sensors get in the way of a perfect customer experience
  • Integrates OEM chargers to provide immediate, universal charging capability ensuring devices always have power

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