Display protection for high-value wearables.

Part of the OneKEY ecosystem, InVue wearable solutions are designed to provide best-in-class protection and an exceptional customer experience.


Universal wearables solution with an exceptional, self-service customer experience.

  • High-aesthetic display with modern styling and finishes perfect for a high-end environment
  • Installs quickly and provides independent position security
  • Customer can easily try on the wearable for a near perfect experience.


Power and alarm security for smart watches on display.

  • Wearable security for Samsung, LG, Apple and Sony smart watches
  • Enables interaction with all watch features
  • Allows customer to try the watch without assistance from store staff
Wearable Security - Power and Protect

WS1 General Purpose Sensor

Universal solution that works with any smart watch.

Wearable Security Sensor

Thin flex sensor will not interfere with the customer experience.

  • Low profile design
  • Magnetic Perfect Placement ensures proper positioning
  • Disposable sensor makes remerchandising easy
  • USB-A charging port for OEM charging above counter

WS1 Display Only

Cost effective solution for universal wearable display.

  • Magnetic docking with Zips Clip — available in small and large sizes to support an array of fitness band and health monitors
  • For use with Zips Power or Zips 2.0 sensors
  • Ideal for non-powered displays requiring alarming security

HS Smart Watch

Extreme high theft protection.

  • Provides robust security for watch body and band making it ideal for high theft environments
  • Allows customer to try the watch without assistance from store staff
  • Adjustable brackets secure most watches

J704 Alarming Showcase

Display up to six wearables in a completely above counter fixture.

  • With the assistance of store staff, customers can try a wearable as they would jewelry or a conventional watch
  • Also ideal for small handheld electronics such as GoPros and camera lenses
  • No clamps, cables or sensors get in the way of a perfect customer experience
  • Integrates OEM chargers to provide immediate, universal charging capability ensuring devices always have power

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