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Tesco and Meijer’s smart investment in InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem for cost-effective prevention

Date: Feb 12 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

Strolling through the aisles of your local grocery store is usually the first place consumers really feel the strain of increased prices on everyday items and groceries. While the price increase can be attributed to several factors, police departments across the country have estimated a 75% increase in theft of food, drink, and essentials like baby formula. Self-checkout has been a gift for shopper convenience and retailers struggling with employee retention, but has caused more issues for loss prevention departments.  

In a proactive move to tackle this issue head-on, two retail giants, Tesco in the UK and Meijer in the US, are leading the charge with an innovative solution. They’ve partnered with InVue to implement the OneKEY™ ecosystem, a strategic initiative designed to elevate the shopping experience while effectively tackling theft early on, ensuring that losses are minimized long before customers complete their transactions. 

Unlike other retailers who focus on specialty retail or hardware, it is incredibly difficult to lock up necessity items like milk, bread, and eggs. With limited resources in staffing and new technology like self-checkout, it is often up to employees to spot suspicious behavior and confront potential thieves—a job that is probably better off left to the professionals.  

To stop theft in its tracks, Tesco implemented the use of InVue’s OneKEY to secure merchandise and empower employees. With the OneKEY ecosystem, Tesco store managers can track which employees unlocked what, when, and where. With the use of their unique PIN, stores never have to worry about employees swapping keys. In the event a key is lost or stolen, OneKEY times out within 12 hours for added safety.  

“We believe that InVue is a great solution to preventing shrinkage in high-risk areas while not affecting the customer shopping experience. In stores with InVue versus stores without InVue we have seen an average shrinkage reduction of 51% in the high-risk areas that we use them. We encourage our high and medium-risk stores to use their expenses budget to purchase from InVue.” Tesco’s Shrink Operations Manager gleamed when asked how successful OneKEY has been for them.  

Across the pond, back in the United States, Store Line Lead at Meijer Wisconsin, Donna B. gleamed with excitement when asked how the OneKEY has been for her and her team. “Phenomenal!” she says.  

By proactively investing in retail security upfront, you not only protect your bottom line but also demonstrate a commitment to the safety and security of your customers and employees. With solutions like InVue’s OneKEY, you can rest assured knowing that your merchandise is safe and secure, allowing you to focus on what matters most serving local communities. 

Contact InVue today to learn how OneKEY can be the foundation you need for your supermarket security.