One system to manage all your TVs.


One system to manage all your TVs.

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One system to manage all your TVs.

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Simplify everyday management of your TVs on display.

In today’s digital-first world, there’s no reason to be stuck with time consuming manual tasks. TV Manager makes everyday operation, management, and planogram reporting of TVs on display as easy as using your phone. Swap your manual process for time-saving, cost-saving, on-the-go simplicity. Your new approach to TV merchandising is just a few clicks away.


Keep TVs always on and ready for your customers.

Automate and schedule when TVs come on and off each day to make opening and closing a breeze. Never worry about power outages again with TV Manager’s automate detection and reboot feature.


Reduce downtime with on-the-go access to every display.

Using LIVE Display’s mobile app, TV Manager gives associates visibility to what’s happening with displays at all times to address problems as they occur. See device health, status, and get real-time notifications to reduce downtime.


Planogram compliance, made easy.

Ensure TVs are where they are supposed to be using TV Manager’s plan compliance reporting tools. Automate planogram reporting between retailers and brands to maximize placements and understand activity across your enterprise.


Powered by LIVE Display.

Gain access to reports on merchandising across single or regional stores, or the entire organization. Uncover trends or address problems before they occur with real-time information accessible at any time, from anywhere.



Testimonials & Case Studies   


“Our test showed we could achieve labor savings and the ease-of-use factor enabled our associates to be more productive with their time."

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  • Instantly manage on/off functionality for all TVs on retail display
  • Automates display on/off schedules
  • Instant status of TVs on display via Live Display App
  • Compatible with all CEC compliant TVs
  • 5V USB-A power supply (can connect directly to TV for power)
  • LoRa WAN gateway required



Technical Specifications TV Manager Technical Specifications
Sell Sheets TV Manager Overview


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