Chain of custody for media removal.


Chain of custody for media removal.

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Chain of custody for media removal.

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Visibility, control, and protection for media removal and replacement processes.

Maintain a chain of custody with data-bearing media devices through each phase of it’s lifecycle — from dispensing to installation and destruction.


Protection and process for a range of media.

Suitable for SD cards, CF cards, and USB drives, Secure Sleeve offers color-coded sleeves that indicate what type of media is being worked on.


Prevent mixing old and new media devices.

Visual indications guide each step of the process, ensuring old and new media do not get mixed up.

Empty Sleeve with no media loaded

Loaded Sleeve with new media inside

Lock icon presents when used media is secured




  • Color-coded sleeves for media removal and/or replacement in data center environments (CF, SD and USB)

  • Provides secure chain of custody for data-bearing media throughout the lifecycle, from installation to destruction

  • Prevents human error with secure association between old and new media

  • Construction: Polycarbonate

  • Color: Clear






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