CT300 Stand for Tablet POS System

Complete tablet solution that provides a fully powered, instantly mobile, and secure experience for businesses.

  • Best InVue tablet choice for dynamic POS

  • Integrated charging of tablet and card reader

  • Rapid mobility using secure electronic key or software control

  • Transform a tablet into a powerful sales tool with the CT300.

  • Read our 2 whitepapers on how tablet mobility is evolving the check-out lane and improving customer experience.

Advanced technology.

The rugged tablet enclosure can be easily removed for mobile use and includes ergonomically designed handles with straps to reduce user fatigue and can be adapted to a variety of business needs.

Features a built-in alarm and battery backup that can be configured audible or silent and can send alarm notifications.

Full tablet mobility

Two USB 2.0 connections.

Supports peripherals and data connectivity.


3-axis viewing: Optimizes customer viewing for hassle free transactions.

Innovative frame hinge allows device to be forward facing, rear facing secured in frame or removable by sales associate.

Tablet stand with multiple viewing positions

Optional mobile POS device integration.

Enables transactions wherever and whenever customers are ready.

Fixed to mobile POS in seconds.

    • Using InVue IR Key or software control.
    • Download the CT300 Undock App from the Apple, Windows, or Google Play store or request a CT300 Software Development Kit here.
gang charger for smartphones & tablets

Optional Gang Charger with security function capability.

Allows up to 10 devices within CT300 frames to charge at once — five tablets and five integrated mobile POS devices.

ct300 retail store tablet security device

Testimonials & Customer Stories

“With the CT300, overall transactions increased by 35%!”

A chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs installed the CT300 in its restaurant components in order to streamline the ordering process, decrease wait times and increase the number of transactions. Six CT300’s were installed at each location allowing customers to make their food decision and even customize and add to their order leading to a higher ticket. The immediate results were extremely positive; customers found the CT300 intuitive, simple to use and were pleased with the control they had when ordering, the average order time is now 80 seconds.

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