On-Shelf Availability Sensor 

Don’t let empty shelves cost you another sale.


Empty shelves = missed sales opportunities.

And customers won’t hesitate to find what they need from a competitor, meanwhile lowering confidence in your brand.


Easily snap onto hanging hook rods or quickly mount to pegboard back walls or shelves.


Through quick set up and continuous visibility, OSA Sensor provides retailers with accurate tracking of your most important SKUs and delivers alerts when shelves are empty — so you never miss a sale.


Continuous Visibility

Accurately monitor product availability, so you never miss a sale.

Other solutions that help with on-shelf availability are often complicated algorithms or processes that are inaccurate. InVue’s OSA Sensor provides direct sensing so there’s confidence in what you’re monitoring.


Instant Set Up

Quickly add to existing shelves or hanging fixtures within seconds.

Scan the sensor, stock the item and instantly start monitoring.



Reusable single-position sensors measure what’s important with minimal investment.

The small form-factor and easy set up are ideal for a wide range of needs: from one shelf, small stores or large-format, multi-chain retailers.


On the go access to your shelves.


InVue LIVE’s mobile application delivers fast and clear identification of merchandise on display, and real-time alerts tell associates which items need to be restocked.


An enterprise dashboard to make better decisions.


Real-Time enterprise data helps you understand what key skus are not available for purchase, and exactly how long they have not been on the shelf so you can take quick action to prevent lost sales.

More of what our customers have to say:


Japanese home retailer uses OSA Sensor to see low inventory in real-time

"Since the store is large and handles many products, it's a big issue to overlook a shortage and miss a sales opportunity. Through the introduction of InVue's OSA Sensor, we're aware of shortages in real-time, are able to improve the efficiency of supply operations, and increased sales."

— Store Manager


Discover how OSA Sensor can streamline your retail operations.

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