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Notice of Data Event

InVue Security Products Inc. (“InVue”) recently discovered that certain personal information on its systems was subject to unauthorized access. We are providing information about the event, our response, and steps that may be taken to better protect against the possibility of identity theft and fraud… [+]

InVue Named a Gold Winner of the 2021 Edison Awards

InVue announced today that their NE360 Mobile Payment System won a gold Edison Award in the Real-Time Payments Platform category. Named after Thomas Alva Edison, the Edison Awards have recognized and honored some… [+]

InVue Introduces RAC Lock for Data Centers

Industry-leading physical security and access control technology for tamper and breach detection. Charlotte, NC: InVue, the leading global provider of intelligent hardware and software systems for retail, consumer electronics and… [+]

60-Second Insights on Retail with Resatec

A Q&A with Andy Rottiers, Axel Hellemans and Roland Linting of Resatec As a global company, InVue works with a strategic network of select distribution partners who provide a dedicated… [+]

InVue Launches InVue LIVE

The Single Source Platform for Real-Time Visibility that Sets the Standard for Retail Efficiency Retailers gain real-time visibility across departments to streamline operations and create a seamless retail experience.… [+]

InVue Statement on COVID-19

Working for you. In these uncertain times, the safety of your associates, as well as making sure your merchandise is available and secure, has never been more important. At InVue,… [+]

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