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InVue Named a Gold Winner of the 2021 Edison Awards

InVue announced today that their NE360 Mobile Payment System won a gold Edison Award in the Real-Time Payments Platform category. Named after Thomas Alva Edison, the Edison Awards have recognized and honored some… [+]

InVue Introduces RAC Lock for Data Centers

Industry-leading physical security and access control technology for tamper and breach detection. Charlotte, NC: InVue, the leading global provider of intelligent hardware and software systems for retail, consumer electronics and… [+]

60-Second Insights on Retail with Resatec

A Q&A with Andy Rottiers, Axel Hellemans and Roland Linting of Resatec As a global company, InVue works with a strategic network of select distribution partners who provide a dedicated… [+]

InVue Launches InVue LIVE

The Single Source Platform for Real-Time Visibility that Sets the Standard for Retail Efficiency Retailers gain real-time visibility across departments to streamline operations and create a seamless retail experience.… [+]


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