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OneKEY Detacher


Quickly remove merchandise security at checkout.

InVue, the leading global provider of merchandising and security solutions for brands and retailers, introduces OneKEY Detacher, the most secure detacher available today. OneKEY Detacher quickly removes merchandise security for seamless checkout operations. Featuring best-in-class security, it is the only detacher with timeout and deauthorization capabilities. It is always powered and ready for rapid removal of security at the checkout counter.

OneKEY Detacher includes a common magnet, which enables detaching of legacy magnetic solutions, in addition to InVue solutions. This multi-detaching functionality means that stores with a large magnetic security investment can easily transition to the OneKEY solution over time.

OneKEY Detacher also features a deactivation button for immediate deauthorization and a kink resistant cord with swivel replaceable cable.

It is compatible with Access Manager software for managed authorization. To learn more about Access Manager, click here.

This launch of the OneKEY Detacher completes InVue’s core Package Protection line.

OneKEY Detacher is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem™, a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.

To learn more about OneKEY Detacher, click here.


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