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Security & audio transmission designed for wireless headphones.

InVue launched the Zips Headphone Recoiler – the only interactive merchandising solution on the market that provides both security and audio transmission through a recoiler for wireless headphones.

This unique solution allows retailers to securely display wireless headphones while optimizing the opportunity for customer engagement. Today’s consumers expect to lift wireless headphones, try them on, check for audio quality and fully experience the product before purchasing.

The Zips Headphone Recoiler allows for just that – it ensures that audio is always passing through to the headphones to create a stimulating shopping experience and ultimately increases sales for the retailer.

Zips Headphone Recoiler is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem™, a security and merchandising ecosystem designed to improve customer service, decrease theft, and increase profits.

To learn more about Zips Headphone Recoiler visit HERE.


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