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One of the major growth opportunities in consumer electronics is wearable technology. In 2014, Activity Trackers grew roughly 65% over 2013.

Projections show that smart watches will continue to drive the growth of the wearables category with shipments expected to grow 188% in 2015.

And, smart watches are becoming smarter. Several brands are incorporating the functionality of dedicated fitness trackers by adding heart rate monitors and sleep tracking to their devices.

Headphones are also gaining more functionality. Currently, 7% of headphones are wireless and more advanced devices include activity tracking and music streaming. This leaves the door open for significant growth in “hearables”.*

InVue is staying ahead of the curve with security devices to protect these emerging products, including several solutions designed to secure a wide variety of smart watches, wearables and hearables including Zips 2.0, Zips Power, Series 2800, Wearable Security 1 and HS Smart Watches.

If you’re looking to secure merchandise in these emerging consumer electronics’ categories, InVue has the right products to meet your security needs and exceed your customers’ expectations.

*Stats on the wearable market provided by FutureSource


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